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AIS and the Incredible Rise of Barcode to Ubiquity

Since 1985, our objective has been to serve our customers by delivering the benefits of our AIDC technologies, primarily barcode and RFID. The benefits have usually included unprecedented accuracy, productivity, and instant availability of important management data. We have helped many companies, large and small. AIS is an AIDC Subject Matter Expert (SME).

As a result of our work and that of others, we have seen scanning go from nothing in the 1970's to 7 billion scans per day today. We have seen the number of scanners go from a few hundred to over 1 billion scanners (smartphones) today. We have seen industry after industry standardizing, implementing and benefiting from using the technology. What a ride this has been - for us and for our clients!

Markets and applications we serve:

  • Retail - Vendor compliance - Databar for fresh foods - Traceability of perishables - EPC (electronic product codes - RFID) - GS1 barcode standards using barcode verifiers
  • Industrial - Printing and scanning variable data - Verification and compliance in the supply chain - RFID - Parts traceability - AIAG (auto industry) shipping and parts marking. Barcode verifiers
  • Defense - UID labeling and DPM - Traceability, supply chain and maintenance - barcode verifiers
  • Healthcare - UDI in medical devices and Drug Quality and Security Act or DQSA in Pharmaceutical labeling - GS1 and HIBCC standards - Reduce drug administration deaths and drug counterfeiting - Barcode verification

Barcode verification results in superior data quality which makes big data more valuable! Click to see some current Trends that you may want to be aware of.

The future.....2 billion smartphones reading barcodes and NFC style RFID, reading 2D barcodes for links to web sites or to documentation for purchases or to register a recent purchase, digging for value in Big Data, the need for best data quality, IOT (the internet of things) letting us "see" and "talk to" our assets through the now familiar WEB interfaces, etc. It sounds like more of everything we have experienced over the past 30-40 years!